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Welcome To Our Home!

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We welcome you to our home on South King Street (Leesburg, Virginia). This 6000 sq. ft. historic plantation manor house has been renovated to serve Destiny School of the Arts students. Our new home provides a healthy, child-friendly environment that includes: two outdoor play facilities, excellent classroom space, and state of the art renovations. Best of all, there is room to grow!
The colors, textures, and lighting of our  school were all chosen with care and attention to create a pleasant backdrop. We believe our home-like environment is the perfect place to nurture the creativity and academic growth of your child.

History of the Greenway Manor House

Our beautiful school was once a prestigious manor house from the 1700’s, complete with maids’ quarters, a fruit cellar, a large barn, a smokehouse, and a carriage house. The manor house originally belonged to the family of William Meade, a Quaker who fled England with William Penn on a ship sailed by Captain Greenway. The Meade family used the house for both Quaker meetings and services. During the Civil War, both the Union and the Confederacy took possession of the house at different times. Throughout the years, Greenway Manor House, as it is also known, has housed numerous families, including that of a prominent Leesburg judge. Our garden committee is making plans to restore its once handsome flower garden precisely where it was located 200 years ago. Children will use this outdoor classroom to explore weather, the plant cycle, and much more. We love our school building and honor its history and charm by making it a place where children can continuously learn and grow.