• Morning Camps: 9am-12pm

    A Bug’s Life (Age 2)
    Crawl into our campers first week of camp as we enjoy the fun of learning about different bugs. We will make our own bugs and end the week very sticky. 

    Construction Zone (Age 3-4)
    Get ready to dig, mix and build as we watch real construction workers across the street! Create buildings, roads and cities with construction blocks, diggers and front loaders. Dress up in safety clothes, use tools, mix “cement” and make 3D sculptures, are just a few of the fun things we will do in this camp!

    Dance Camp (Age 5-6)
    Your child will get to have fun through dance games and activities. We will also be learning a dance, which your child will get to help choreograph.

    The Chopping Block (Age 7-10)
    Watch out iron chefs, here we come!  This week we will learn about food and how to make healthy choices.  We’ll learn to measure and pour as well as proper table manners! Crafts will be centered on food themes and we will even bring home a few treats to share!

    Afternoon Camps: 12pm-4pm

    Preschool- It’s All Fun and Game
    Students will play a variety of board games, from classic to new games as well as learn about the origin and history of board games. They will then work as a group to create their own board game to play!

    Elementary- Folktales and Fairylands
    Hear tales of dragons and other magical beings from all over the world. Design your own wee elfin or fairy home, make fanciful puppets, masks and other costume props, and play theater games based on best-loved fairy and folktales.

  • Morning Camps: 9am-12pm

    Stars and Stripes (Age 2)
    In the Spirit to Celebrate Independence Day, campers will firework their way to celebrate everything that makes our America Great. We will make our own flags and build our own crazy 4th of July hats for our very own parade.

    Pirate (Age 3-4)
    Argh Matey! Come along and sail with us on the high seas. If ye dare! Maybe we will even discover some hidden treasure.

    Party In the USA (Age 5-6)
    Happy Birthday, America! Some of the best summertime memories come from celebrating the 4th of July! The children will have tons of fun making red, white and blue projects (such as beautiful fireworks pictures and crazy 4th of July hats!), playing outdoor games and having a super fun 4th of July picnic!

    Games Galore (Age 7-10)
    Come on down! You are the next contestant on Destiny’s Game show of the week. You will be asked to put your skills to the test while we run you through Minute to Win it challenges, test your knowledge in the ‘Friendly’ Feud, and try to contain your laughter as you decipher phrases in Destiny’s speak out! We want to see if you have what it takes to win all the games of the week! So, if you’re interested in spending your summer on the best Game Show around, this is the place for you. We double dare you!

    Afternoon Camps: 12pm-4pm

    Preschool- Mad Science
    Have you ever had the urge to mix a concoction or invent the next big thing? This is your chance to work with other campers and scientists, put your brain to the test. join us in a journey into the realm of scientific discovery. With one part science and two parts imagination, Destiny School of the arts will turn into a laboratory. White coats on – beakers in hand – HERE WE GO!!

    Elementary- Yoga All Around Us
    Students will learn the basic tenets of yoga to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their place in nature. Postures will be taught to create a simple daily practice.

  • Morning Camps: 9am-12pm

    Emergency Services Camp (Age 2)
    Drive into emergency services camp as students learn about all the great services that we have around the world.

    Camping (Age 3-4)
    Let’s set out on an adventure! As we set off on our adventure we will play games, sing songs, share tales of fun around the campfire, set up a tent and stargaze! Of course no camping adventure would be complete without roasting s’mores! So grab your gear and some good friends and join us for this week of fun!

    Music Video Camp (Age 5-6)
    The Students will learn a song and work together to create a music video. They will also learn about recording and editing videos.

    Cartooning (Age 7-10)
    Explore the world of cartooning. In this fun camp we will focus on visual storytelling. Campers will create single panel and multi-panel comic strips. They will learn to draw expressions and movement as they discover methods for developing characters.

    Afternoon Camps: 12pm-4pm

    Preschool- Superheroes
    During our Superhero Training week at Destiny, students will be lead through different missions and an exploration of what it means to be “Super.” We will start each day with team-building skills and then grow to include more individualized skills that mimic the powers of famous superheroes. The students will receive a checklist of superhero tasks to complete. Superheroes can inspire us to be greater; to be the do-gooders in the world! It’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s a SUPER camper! Costumes encouraged on Friday!

    Elementary- Stories Around the Campfire
    Students will read a variety of classic short stories and learn the art of storytelling. They will then create their own short stories to be told
    around a “campfire” on the last day of camp.

  • Morning Camps: 9am-12pm

    Summer Beach Fun (Age 2)
    Come explore the beach here at Destiny School of the Arts. Your child will get to learn all about the beach and the ocean through exciting activities and crafts!

    Space is the Place (Age 3-4)
    Calling all astronauts, come and take a spaceship to fun in outer space! This week we will explore and learn skills while pretending we are lost in outer space. Take a moonwalk, learn monkey jumps on Mars, play disappearing planets, and have a picnic on Jupiter. This week is sure to be packed with super space fun!

    Disney (Age 5-6)
    Everybody loves Disney! This week we are incorporating fan favorite Disney movies and characters into camp activities and games.

    Painting and Pastels (Age 7-10)
    Campers will enjoy painting and using oil pastels as they discover methods to improve their artistic style. They will learn techniques in adding shadows, highlights, and details to achieve a realistic effect. Campers will also learn to blend and mix colors as they build their artistic skills.

    Afternoon Camps: 12pm-4pm

    Preshcool – Dino-ROAR!
    A Wing-Flapping, Tail-Tapping, Prehistoric Party!: How’s your roar? Dinosaurs and birds come together for this prehistoric adventure. We’ll learn about giant lizards, feathered friends and look for clues to determine which creatures used to inhabit Virginia and which still have modern-day relatives.

    Elementary- Fizz, Boom, Pop
    Students will learn about the Periodic Table and chemical reactions then create a few of their own!


  • Camping Out (2-3 year olds)

    What could be more fun than camping with friends? We will tell stories around our pretend campfire, explore

    our tent, take a nature walk, learn about the camp supplies we will need for our adventure and of course

    complete some really cool camp projects!

    Artful Science (4-6 year olds)

    Can you use the power of magnets to create an abstract painting? Can you use the sun’s energy to make a

    print? What things in nature can be used to create dyes and paints? Both art and science fuel our imaginations,

    so why not mix them? In this camp, students will get the opportunity to discover the answers to these questions

    and more. They will paint with dyes created from nature, explore the works of Jackson Pollock while learning

    how germs are spread and create their own thaumatrope while learning about optical illusions and persistence

    of vision. Your child will have a blast discovering the art and science behind it all!

    Summer Fable Fun (7 and up)

    Campers will have fun with characters from well-known fables and tall tales. Daily activities will coincide with a

    fable each day, with retelling of a favorite fable at the end of camp.

  • Fairytale Camp (2-3 year olds)

    Once upon a time there was a summer camp. In this summer camp there were young children eagerly

    exploring the world of fairytales. These children enjoyed making fun crafts and playing dress up!

    Red, White and Blue (4-6 year olds)

    As we get ready to celebrate Independence Day, we will celebrate all the things that make America great! We

    will discover national monuments, build rockets, and end the week with our very own 4th of July parade!

    Woodworking (7 and up)

    Along with learning basic woodworking skills such as safety, measuring and sanding, your child will learn how to use tools! “Last Man Standing” game set, wood rocket ship and a custom name plaque are examples of projects your child may create.

  • Morning Camps: 9am-12pm

    African Safari (Age 2)
    Make sure your passport is all up to date because we are going to Africa! Ride along with us as we explore the jungles of Africa learning about the animals as we go!

    Under the Sea (Age 3-4)
    Anyone for a game of sharks and minnows? Want to become a mermaid? Feel like challenging Neptune? Mermaids, shells, fish, whales and did we mention SHARKS abound as we explore life under the sea through nature and craft projects, storytelling, skits, and friendly competitions.

    Skits (Age 5-6)
    Campers will get to hone their comedic skills as they learn different skits. They will also learn how to create different characters and use their imagination and creativity to come up with original works.

    Art, Engineering, Adventure (Age 7-10)
    Campers will be encouraged to use creative problem solving as they work together to complete several challenges.
    • They will use language and fine arts as they collaborate to write and illustrate a story.
    • Campers will use engineering as they are challenged to build a sound structure as high as possible with only the materials provided to them.
    • Campers will exercise their math skills as they are challenged to balance all of their items on a scale.
    • Mostly, they will have fun as they use creativity while learning to problem solve together.

    Afternoon Camps: 12pm-4pm

    Preschool- Full STEAM Ahead!
    Unleash your child’s imagination this summer! Welcome to the world of amazing experiments and cool activities that make you say WOW! STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) is critical for the future. The world needs critical thinkers, doers, and problem solvers. The world needs kids who understand science, who can adapt to the latest technology, and who can engineer new solutions to solve problems of all sizes. STEAM creates inventors, innovators, and leaders. White coats on – beakers in hand – here we go!

    Elementary- It’s All Fun and Games
    Students will play a variety of board games, from classic to new games as well as learn about the origin and history of board games. They will then work as a group to create their own board game to play!


  • Morning Camps: 9am-12pm

    Disco (Age 2)
    Dancing our way through the week, campers will have a ball at our disco party.

    Dr. Seuss (Age 3-4)
    This week is all about the incomparable Dr. Seuss! We will see who does or does not like green eggs and ham, we’ll play with oobleck, and see if we can hear a who like Horton can! Oh, the places we’ll go! This camp comes highly recommended by Thing One and Thing Two!

    A Bug’s Life (Age 5-6)
    Dress up, dance, sing, and play as you explore the world of insects—and beyond. What does a bug do all day? We are going to find out during this weeklong adventure into a bug’s life! Creepy crawly games, exploration, and more await you.

    Lego’s (Age 7-10)
    Who doesn’t love Legos? Campers will have an opportunity to learn, build and explore utilizing LEGO® bricks as well as play games, create art and have a lot of fun.

    Afternoon Camps: 12pm-4pm

    Preschool- A Pirates Life for Me
    Arrr mateys! Join Captain Walker D. Plank for a week designed to spark your child’s imagination and tickle their funny bone. Decoding pirate’s maps, scavenger hunting for buried treasure, staging mock bottles, designing costumes replete with parrots, spyglasses, and eye patches, singing chanties of the raging seas- you name it, and we’ll do it!

    Elementary-Going Green
    The kids will learn about recycling, pollution, and the whole idea behind “reduce, reuse, and recycle.” They will think outside of the box and create using recycled and unusual objects.



  • Morning Camps: 9am-12pm

    Sea World (Age 2)
    Campers will adventure through sea world, explore and learn about sea creatures.

    Little Green Thumbs (Age 3-4)
    Let’s learn and grow as we explore the world of gardening, recycling, and more. We will play games, create fun arts and crafts, and learn about plant life cycles and more!

    Sports of All Sorts (Age 5-6)
    How Many sports can we fit into a week? Let’s find out as we wear ourselves silly with as many games, matches, and tournaments as we can cram into five days. We’ll include skills, drills, and assorted activities to improve balance and focus while building strength and motor skills. Your team is counting on you!

    Imagination Creation Station (Age 7-10)
    Get your thinking caps on because curiosity, experimentation, and imagination run this week!
    With sparks of creativity, campers will be inventing new games and designing the unthinkable with the environment around them.

    Afternoon Camps: 12pm-4pm

    Preschool- Under the Big Top
    Come one, come all, it’s going to be the greatest week around! We’ll enjoy arts and crafts, carnival games, and lots of fun. It’s going to be a circus!

    Elementary- Around the World
    Do you want to be a world traveler? If you want to see the world, look no further than camp! This week we are going to bring all the different countries to you. From England to Mexico to China, we plan on having them all!



  • Construction Zone (2-3 year olds)

    Children will have a blast becoming architects, engineers and carpenters! Not only will they be building and

    creating, they will be demolishing and dissecting! We will put our science, geometry, math and problem solving

    skills to the test!

    Art Around the World (4-6 year olds)

    Students will travel to the other side of the world without ever leaving the building. Whether they are creating

    Middle Eastern mosaics, Japanese lanterns or African masks they are sure to enjoy the journey. Along the way

    they will be learning about other cultures and the world around them, while creating beautiful works of art!

    Destiny S.T.A.R.S

    Campers will become STARS! By playing games, team building, and practicing all the character traits

    represented by the letters in STARS, Show kindness, Teamwork, Attitude, Respect, Serve others!

  • At the Beach (2-3 year olds)

    Going to the beach is always a new adventure! From the creatures in the water to finding souvenirs in the sand!

    We will discover all the wonders of the ocean and the beach through science experiments, crafts and sensory


    Rock Star Camp (4-6 year olds)

    We’ll make guitars and play rhythm games on the drums. We’ll learn to sing using a microphone, play on our

    drums, and go on a scavenger hunt to find the missing drum!

    Sculpture Camp (7 and up)

    Get ready to create in 3-D! This camp focuses on all types of sculpture. Students will learn ways to build with

    clay. They will learn the science behind designing mobiles, while looking at the works of Alexander Calder.

    They will enjoy creating with plaster and experimenting with techniques in manipulating wire. Students will

    have a blast creating masterpieces in 3-D!