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Summer Camps Cancelled

We have made the very difficult decision to cancel all summer camps. We know that a number of you depend on year-round care which has made this decision so tough. However, with so many complex variables and needing to quickly adapt to changing situations and mandates, we feel that it is most judicious to focus our attention primarily on the fall. We are very sorry how this decision negatively effects some of our families. Those who have already paid for camp will be refunded soon. We very much look forward to a future time when our summer program can resume full force.

The Great Outdoors

  • Morning Camps (9:00-12:00)

    The Great Outdoors: A Bug’s Life (2’s must be 2 by 09/30/19)

    Dress up, dance, sing, and play as you explore the world of insects and beyond. What does a bug do all day? We are going to find out during this weeklong adventure into a bug’s life! Creepy crawly games, exploration, and more awaits you!

    The Great Outdoors: Camping (3’s must be 3 by 9/30/19)

    Let’s set out on an adventure!  As we set off on our adventure, we will play games, sing songs, share tales of fun around the campfire, set up a tent and stargaze! Of course, no camping adventure would be complete without roasting s’mores! So, grab your gear and some good friends and join us for this week of fun!

    The Great Outdoors: Nature Adventure (PreK must be 4 by 09/30/19)

    What do plants need to live happily? Do flowers have a secret way of communicating with each other? Join us to find out! We will make nature wands and leaf prints with air dry clay, as we learn about the cycle of a plant and explore the land with our senses.

    The Great Outdoors: Ideas by Nature (Elementary must have completed K-5th grade)

    Students will use their senses to investigate what’s happening outdoors. They will explore, generate questions, and search for answers about how the surrounding environment can inspire new ideas and solve problems. Students will also shrink down to the size of a bug and use photography and field notes to document a “Micro-Hike”.

    Afternoon Camps (12:00-4:00)

    The Great Outdoors: Preschool – Camp Creativity (2’s – PreK, must be 2 by 09/30/19)

    This week will surely bring out the creativity in all campers! Campers will get to use different material and mediums to make crafts and do designs! They will do some guided crafts, as well as open ended crafts where the possibilities are endless!

    The Great Outdoors: Elementary – Going Green (must have completed K-5th grade)

    The kids will learn about recycling, pollution, and the whole idea behind “reduce, reuse, and recycle.” They will think outside of the box and create using recycled and unusual objects.

Future Architects and Engineers

  • Future Architects and Engineers

    Morning Camps (9:00-12:00)

    Future Architects and Engineers: Block Building Bonanza (2’s must be 2 by 09/30/19)

    Our young learners will use block play to promote science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through versatile learning opportunities. Builders will explore cause and effect and learn about gravity, stability, weight, and balance as they play with blocks. They will learn about architecture and the names and functions of different buildings and bridges as they build their own unique structures. They can also experiment with different designs and learn why some designs work and others fall down.

    Future Architects and Engineers: Construction Zone (3’s must be 3 by 9/30/19)

    Get ready to dig, mix and build as we watch real construction workers across the street! Create buildings, roads and cities with construction blocks, diggers and front loaders. Dress up in safety clothes, use tools, mix “cement” and make 3d sculptures, are just a few of the fun things we will do in this camp!

    Future Architects and Engineers: Lego (PreK must be 4 by 09/30/19)

    Who doesn’t love Legos? Campers will have an opportunity to learn, build and explore utilizing LEGO® bricks as well as play games, create art and have a lot of fun. LEGO is the ideal medium for experimenting and learning about Engineering while providing the resources to design, build, and program student creations. Campers will have fun while thinking critically and using imagination!

    Future Architects and Engineers: Art, Engineering, Adventure (Elementary must have completed K-5th grade

    Campers will be encouraged to use creative problem solving as they work together to complete several challenges. They will use language and fine arts as they collaborate to write and illustrate a story.  Campers will use engineering as they are challenged to build a sound structure as high as possible with only the materials provided to them. Campers will exercise their math skills as they are challenged to balance all their items on a scale. Mostly, they will have fun as they use creativity while learning to problem solve together. 

    Afternoon Camps (12:00-4:00)

    Future Architects and Engineers: Preschool – Under the Big Top  

    (2’s – PreK, must be 2 by 09/30/19)

    Come one, come all, it’s going to be the greatest week around! We’ll enjoy arts and crafts and carnival games. It’s going to be a circus!

    Future Architects and Engineers: Elementary – Fun with Team Building (must have completed K-5th grade)

    Kids are filled with curiosity and a desire to learn. So, let’s use it! This summer we will make friends using teamwork, creative thinking, and cooperation through activities and games that you can’t win alone! Your child will learn more about their capabilities and how they can use them when they team up with others to achieve goals they may not have achieved alone. Let’s work together and have some fun!

Around the World

  • Around the World

    Morning Camps (9:00-12:00)

    Around the World: African Safari (2’s must be 2 by 09/30/19)

    Make sure your passport is all up to date because we are going to Africa! Ride along with us as we explore the jungles of Africa learning about the animals as we go!

    Around the World: Dance Around the World (3’s must be 3 by 9/30/19)

    What better way to explore different cultures and their history than through dancing? Get ready to move, jump, and wiggle all around with folk dances from Peru, Bolivia, Austria, Colombia, and China.

    Around the World: World Travelers (PreK must be 4 by 09/30/19)

    Grab a suitcase and your passport and prepare for worldwide adventures. If you want to see the world, look no further than camp! This week we are going to experience the cultures, customs, clothing, music, and games of several countries around the world.

    Around the World: Taste of Nations (Elementary must have completed K-5th grade)

    Adventure across the globe and let’s explore the art, culture, and cuisine of nations around the world! Come expand your taste buds as we learn what and how people commune across the globe. We will also take a closer look at the country of your heritage.

    Afternoon Camps (12:00-4:00)

    Around the World: PreschoolTimeless Games from Around the World (2’s – PreK, must be 2 by 09/30/19)

    All over the world, in every culture and country, children play games. Games encourage people to do things together. They help build social skills, and group games even teach responsibility as each person has to participate fully to keep it fun for everyone. Games are actually great for learning in fun ways. Campers will be introduced to games from around the world like The Dragon’s Tail (China), Cheetahs and Cheetals (India), Scooter Bowls (United Kingdom), and Shemot (India). No passport required!

     Around the World: Elementary – Where in the World Did This Game Come From? (must have completed K-5th grade)   

    Campers will learn the origins of some of the most beloved playground games. Much fun will be had by playing games like Jacks (Ancient Greece), Marbles (Ancient Egypt), (Croquet (Fance), Hopscotch (Ancient Rome), and Kickball (South America). Entertaining AND educational!

Dramatic Arts

  • Dramatic Arts

    Morning Camps (9:00-12:00)

    Dramatic Arts: Where the Wild Things Are (2’s must be 2 by 09/30/19)

    Unleash your child’s inner monster and let the wild rumpus begin! Guided mischief of one kind or another will be featured as we sail through each day exploring nature, taming wild critters, performing magic tricks, and playing games inspired by Max, King of the Beasts. If there’s one guarantee to this camp, no one will be sent to his room for being naughty! Dreamers and kids with excess imagination need apply!

    Dramatic Arts: Superheroes (3’s must be 3 by 9/30/19)                

    During our Superhero Training week at Destiny, students will be lead through different missions and an exploration of what it means to be “Super.”  We will start each day with team-building skills and then grow to include more individualized skills that mimic the powers of famous superheroes. The students will receive a checklist of superhero tasks to complete. Superheroes can inspire us to be greater; to be the do-gooders in the world! It’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s a SUPER camper! Costumes encouraged on Friday! 

    Dramatic Arts: Music Video Camp (PreK – 1st grade must be 4 by 09/30/19)   

    The students will learn a song and work together to create a music video. Students will be in charge of learning music and lyrics, creating choreography, designing props and costumes, and operating the video camera. Students will learn about recording and editing videos as well.

    *please visit DSOA’s website to register 2nd-5th graders for our Musical Theatre camp

    Afternoon Camps (12:00-4:00)

    Dramatic Arts: Preschool – A Pirates Life for Me (2’s – PreK, must be 2 by 09/30/19)  

    Arrr mateys! Join Captain Walker D. Plank for a week designed to spark your child’s imagination and tickle their funny bone. Decoding pirate’s maps, scavenger hunting for buried treasure, staging mock bottles, designing costumes replete with parrots, spyglasses, and eye patches, singing chanties of the raging seas- you name it, and we’ll do it!

     Dramatic Arts: Elementary- Folktales and Fairylands (must have completed K-5th grade)      

    Hear tales of dragons and other magical beings from all over the world. Design your own wee elfin or fairy home, make fanciful puppets, masks and other costume props, and play theater games based on best-loved fairy and folktales.

Healthy Body-Healthy Planet

  • Healthy Body-Healthy Planet

    Morning Camps (9:00-12:00)

    Healthy Body-Healthy Planet: Under the Sea (2’s must be 2 by 09/30/19)

    Just keep swimming….and dive deep into the great blue ocean to meet some of the most amazing creatures living there. Through recycled materials and our imagination, we will create arts and crafts that represent what we explore under the sea. Recycling will remind all of us to keep the ocean clean and trash free!

    Healthy Body-Healthy Planet: Little Green Thumbs (3’s must be 3 by 9/30/19)

    Let’s learn and grow as we explore the world of gardening, recycling, and more. We will play games, create fun arts and crafts, and learn about plant life cycles and more! 

    Healthy Body-Healthy Planet: Yoga All Around Us (PreK – 1st grade must be 4 by 09/30/19)

    Students will learn the basic tenets of yoga to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their place in nature. Postures will be taught to create a simple daily practice. Students will also learn about food and how to make healthy choices.

    *please visit DSOA’s website to register 2nd-5th graders for our Musical Theatre camp

    Afternoon Camps (12:00-4:00)

    Healthy Body-Healthy Planet: Preschool – Dance Camp (2’s – PreK, must be 2 by 09/30/19)

    Your child will get to have fun through dance games and activities. We

    will also be learning a dance, which your child will get to help choreograph.

    Healthy Body-Healthy Planet: Elementary – The Chopping Block (must have completed K-5th grade)           

    Watch out iron chefs, here we come!  This week we will learn about food and how to make healthy choices.  We’ll learn to measure and pour as well as proper table manners! Crafts will be centered on food themes and we will even bring home a few treats to share!


  • Science

     Morning Camps (9:00-12:00)

    Science: Archeologists and Paleontologists (2’s must be 2 by 09/30/19)  

    A Wing-Flapping, Tail-Tapping, Prehistoric Party! How’s your roar? Dinosaurs and birds come together for this prehistoric adventure. We’ll learn about giant lizards, feathered friends and look for clues to determine which creatures used to inhabit Virginia and which still have modern-day relatives.

    Science: Mad Scientist (3’s must be 3 by 9/30/19)              

    Have you ever had the urge to mix a concoction or invent the next big thing? This is your chance to work with other campers and scientists, put your brain to the test. join us in a journey into the realm of scientific discovery. With one-part science and two parts imagination, Destiny School of the arts will turn into a laboratory. White coats on – beakers in hand – HERE WE GO!

    Science: Fizz, Boom, Pop (PreK must be 4 by 09/30/19)   

    Chemistry can be fun and accessible. Students will engage in interactive and hands-on tools that bring chemistry out of the lab and into the real world. So, what exactly do all those funny letters on that table mean? Where are they in our world? What practical uses do they have in our lives? And what exactly are molecules? You can find out with during Fizz, Boom, Pop!

    Science: The Chemistry Behind Slime (Elementary must have completed K-5th grade) 

    Student chemists will observe the chemical (endothermic) reaction that occurs when making slime and investigate this non-newtonian fluid (which is neither a solid nor a liquid). Chemists will create different types of slime, research properties of solids and liquids and test different levels of viscosity. Chemists will test out slightly different variations of the basic slime recipe, record the results, and discuss properties of materials (e.g. will the Slime break, or if you gently pull it, will it stretch out).

    Afternoon Camps (12:00-4:00)

    Science: Preschool – Underwater Adventures (2’s – PreK, must be 2 by 09/30/19)

    Anyone for a game of sharks and minnows? Want to become a mermaid? Feel like challenging Neptune? Mermaids, shells, fish, whales and did we mention SHARKS abound as we explore life under the sea through nature and craft projects, storytelling, skits, and friendly competitions.

    Elementary: Sportastic (must have completed K-5th grade)           

    Channel your inner sports star. This week will be about coming together as a team and developing new skills in a variety of sports. 


  • Steam

     Morning Camps (9:00-12:00)

    Steam: All About Art (2’s must be 2 by 09/30/19)          

    Come discover art through fabric, yarn, clay, and painting with a variety of materials such as shaving cream, rollers and marbles!

    Steam: Full STEAM Ahead! (3’s must be 3 by 9/30/19)

    Unleash your child’s imagination this summer! Welcome to the world of amazing experiments and cool activities that make you say WOW! STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) is critical for the future. The world needs critical thinkers, doers, and problem solvers. The world needs kids who understand science, who can adapt to the latest technology, and who can engineer new solutions to solve problems of all sizes. STEAM creates inventors, innovators, and leaders. White coats on – beakers in hand – here we go!

    Steam: Imagination Creation Station (PreK must be 4 by 09/30/19)               

    Get your thinking caps on because curiosity, experimentation, and imagination run this week! With sparks of creativity, campers will be inventing new games and designing the unthinkable with the environment around them. 

    Steam: Robotics (Elementary must have completed K-5th grade)          

    Machine learning is the way of 21st century life and the field of robotics is booming. Our Robotics Camp provides an interactive hands-on learning environment that equips students with key STEM skills. Students will learn about the elements of simple and complex machines while building, animating, and troubleshooting robotic creations. Whether you dream of becoming a Hardware Designer at Apple, an Aerospace Technician at NASA, or just love tinkering, your robotics path starts here!

    Afternoon Camps (12:00-4:00)

    Steam: PreschoolOld Happy Games (2’s – PreK, must be 2 by 09/30/19)

    Let the games begin! This week, we will host a tournament and play games like hopscotch, jacks, Jenga, chess, and other board games. Coordination and focus are key in these games, but so are joy and laughter!

    Steam: Elementary – Games Galore (must have completed K-5th grade)          

    Come on down! You are the next contestant on Destiny’s Game show of the week. You will be asked to put your skills to the test while we run you through Minute to Win it challenges, test your knowledge in the ‘Friendly’ Feud, and try to contain your laughter as you decipher phrases in Destiny’s speak out!  We want to see if you have what it takes to win all the games of the week! So, if you’re interested in spending your summer on the best Game Show around, this is the place for you. We double dare you!


  • Sports

    Morning Camps (9:00-12:00)

    Sports: Win Win (2’s must be 2 by 09/30/19)       

    Everyone likes to win at games, especially young children who might have not yet learned to take minor losses in stride. When it comes to most games, victory and defeat are twin sides of the same coin, which can create some thorny situations. Cooperative games allow kids to enjoy the challenge, strategery, and athleticism of sporting games without the anxiety and emotionalism of competition.

    Sports: For the Fun of It (3’s must be 3 by 9/30/19)          

    Fun sports games are fun activities that nearly all kids can agree upon. Whether it’s team sports activities, sports games for fun, kid’s exercises, or even just talking about sports. Campers will be able to try out new sports without the stress of competition. There is something for everyone!

    Sports: Sports of All Sorts (PreK must be 4 by 09/30/19) 

    How Many sports can we fit into a week?  Let’s find out as we wear ourselves silly with as many games, matches, and tournaments as we can cram into five days. We’ll include skills, drills, and assorted activities to improve balance and focus while building strength and motor skills. Your team is counting on you!

    Sports: Soccer (Elementary must have completed K-5th grade)                

    Learn about the origins of football (the actual name for soccer) as well as strategies and techniques to improve your game. If you are a beginner or an experienced footballer, this camp will excite and challenge you. (Bonus: your instructor is from Brazil-the very nexus of football/soccer)

    Afternoon Camps (12:00-4:00)

    Sports: Preschool – Ready, Set, Splash (2’s – PreK, must be 2 by 09/30/19)

    Games and activities all include water fun. Water balloon toss, sponge bucket relay, Nerf water gun target practice, kiddie pool kickball, water balloon pinatas, squirt bottle art, and so much more.

    Sports: Elementary – Wonderful World of Water (must have completed K-5th grade)  

    Games and activities all include water fun. Water balloon obstacle course, retrieve marbles out of kiddie pool using your toes, be the first to melt an ice cube in your hands, water balloon “hot potato”, toss, sponge bucket relay, Nerf water gun target practice, water color art, and so much more.

Space Explorers

  • Space Explorers

    Morning Camps (9:00-12:00)

    Space Explorers: Space is the Place (2’s must be 2 by 09/30/19)  

    Calling all astronauts, come and take a spaceship to fun in outer space!  This week we will explore and learn skills while pretending we are lost in outer space.  Take a moon walk, learn monkey jumps on Mars, play disappearing planets, and have a picnic on Jupiter.  This week is sure to be packed with super space fun!

    Space Explorers: Ready, Set, Launch (3’s must be 3 by 9/30/19)

    Mission control, NASA has given us a special mission this week. As astronauts, we will explore our Galaxy, the Milky Way, and learn about the planets in our systems. Get ready to reach for the stars!

    Space Explorers: Blast Off! (PreK must be 4 by 09/30/19)           

    Let’s venture to the moon and back exploring the different planets, stars, build a few rockets, and maybe get creative with the extraterrestrial. Let’s spark our imagination with art, math, and science that is out of this world!

    In a Galaxy Far Away (Elementary must have completed K-5th grade

    Using their imaginations and some 3D art, students will create their own planet (including atmosphere, topography, inhabitants, location in the galaxy, etc.) Students will make constellations, moon rocks, and chemically powered rockets, as well as engage in some space simulation activities.  

    Afternoon Camps (12:00-4:00)

    Space Explorers: Preschool – To Infinity and Beyond (2’s – PreK, must be 2 by 09/30/19)

    Climb aboard a spaceship headed for ultimate fun. Campers will engage in space themed sensory games, recreate a solar system with legos, pipe cleaners, or clay, make a space fort, and navigate a moonwalk obstacle course. Get ready for take off!

    Space Explorers: Elementary – Space Academy (must have completed K-5th grade)   

    Launch missions to the International Space Station, Mars, or the moon!  Train like an astronaut; design, build, and launch a team rocket. Work together to successfully navigate a planetary obstacle course.  All activities are out of this world!

Musical Theater Camp

  • Musical Theater Camp Presents  Disney: The Movies-The Music

    Celebrate 75 years of Disney magic and some of the music that helped make that magic happen with favorite songs from the movies of Peter Pan, Mary Poppins, The Jungle Book, The Little Mermaid and The Lion King. This two week long camp will allow campers to enter the world of musical theater production. Campers will audition for parts, engage in table reads, learn blocking, participate in daily rehearsals. help create sets and costumes, brainstorm marketing and advertising ideas, and at the end of 2 weeks, perform the musical for their family and friends. This is an experience not to be missed. (NOTE: Campers must commit to the 2 weeks to allow for the intensive amount of work required)